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Toiletries and health items
Outdoors Trip Packing List Extras
Technology Packing List Extras
Money, documents
Packing List For Planes and Cars
Miscellaneous Packing List Extras
Baby Gear Packing List Extras

Toiletries and health items
-Eye drops
(It is dry specially in the winter)
-tooth paste, toothbrushes, dental floss, in a ziploc bag
- Gel or hair spray
- shaving gear
- contact lenses paraphernalia
- glasses and Sunglasses (You will be in high altitude, protect your eyes)
-sunscreens- minimum of Solar Protection 30, lip balm
- skin lotion, creams, makeup
- nail clippers
- tweezers
- ear plugs,sleep aids (if needed)
- foot powder
- lip balm (It is very dry in the winter also)
- bandaids
- 1st Aid bag: moleskin for blisters, elastic tape, scissors
-allergy kit, if needed
- Gas X, Peptobismol, Aspirin
-Comb, brush, hair tie (especially if you are skiing)
-feminine hygiene products
-prescription medicines
-birth control

Outdoors Trip Packing List Extras

All times
- water bottle
- sunhats,
-Power bars and/or snacks
-rain gear (coat or umbrella)
- good shoes for hiking
- socks that will "wick" (draw moisture away from the skin)
-bikes, helmets
-Poles if you like them to hike
-Wool hat,scarf and gloves
-Water Proof pants and Jackets if you plan to play in the snow.
-layers of clothes, especially fleece
-boots, and socks (If going in the winter, make sure your shoes have some grip in the bottom)
-Kleenex in small packages to take to the lifts
-skis, boots and poles or snowboard, boots and helmets
-Don't forget to take your id and credit card if you are renting equipment also make sure you go early specially in holidays. If you are a first timer take advantage of the beguinners package (rental and lift ticket + free class). Get there early, it takes time to rent equipment.
-If you want your child to take ski group classes from 4-7 years old. You have to call Snowbowl to safe a spot.
Technology Packing List Extras
-cell phone
-cell phone charger
-digital camera and any cords needed -video recorder, batteries, cords
-Computer if you want be in touch
-Portable DVD and dvds with charger if you have a child that needs to be distracted in the road.
-IPod and cord for the ride and/or to play music at home
-GPS if you have it.
-Walkie-Talkies (it is the perfect idea when there are skiers in different levels, the cellphone doesn't always work)

Money, documents
- credit and debit cards
- passport, picture id and other id if needed. (If kids are leaving the country with only one birth parent, a document authorizing their travel might be needed-- read more about crossing borders with kids.)
- health insurance documents
- travel insurance documents
- vaccination documents, if needed
-membership cards: AAA; Disney Club; etc.
- airplane tickets or confirmation numbers
- car reservation number
- coupons for parking at the airport, hotels, car rental, etc.
- directions to our Cabin
- itinerary
- address book and our phone 602 369 8582

Packing List For Planes and Cars
-If your car is not a 4 wheel drive then take snow chains with you.
-snacks and drinks
-any medication that might be needed.
-stuff to amuse the kids
-motion sickness preventatives for car trips cooler and ice for long car trip Remember, travelers are restricted in the amount of liquids, gels, etc. they can bring on planes; however there are exceptions for baby formula, baby food, medications -- see What Can I Bring On the Plane?

Miscellaneous Packing List Extras
- notebook/journal
- guidebooks-(At the cabin we have books and photocopies of trails in the Guest book)
- maps or GPS
-flashlight (we have in the cabin but you may need one for the trip)
-needle, thread
-ziploc bags that actually zip: for toiletries,
-plastic food containers: pack with snacks to eat on the plane; later, bring to restaurants for those occasions when your kids won't eat their food (but will be hungry 15 minutes later...)
-wet wipes
-special wet-wipes for removing stains from clothes.
-cereal! Powdered milk can be used in a pinch.


You have a gas station as soon as you get out of the highway with the basics (milk, juices, oatmeal, snacks. eggs etc). You have a Safeway 6 miles from home and two farmers markets but I like to take dry food there so if we are at home we can do a practical meal, if you do a short trip take a cooler with you. You want to enjoy and relax. Good options are,
-rice (we have a rice cooker)
-Couscus (like the pine nuts one) it takes 7 minutes
-Healthy maccaroni and cheese (now the are whole wheat and it is white cheddar)
-We cooked some sort of meat at home and freeze it.
-Bread (12 dark grain is a healthy option)
-Cereal or Oatmeal (be practical in the mornings you want to eat fast and go)
-Juice in a bottle so it will be ok in the trip
-Water, we have a osmosis system so you don't need to take or buy water but take water bottles with you.
-Can soup
-In the warmer tempetures feel free to take grilling foods.
Baby Gear Packing List Extras
- diapers, including lots for the plane trip in case you miss a connection
- diaper rash cream
- changing pad
- ziploc bag for soiled clothes
- baby wipes
- receiving blankets (lightweight and soft)
- children's medicine for fever, colds, etc.
- car seat
- stroller (we have one of the ones that the baby can seat)
- backpack
- front-style baby carriers
-lots of clothes, even for the plane ride, and a change of clothes for yourself on the plane, just in case.
-formula, juice
- bottles, nipples, bottle caps
- sippy cup
- snacks
- pacifiers if needed
- bibs (we have a pelican washable bib in the cabin)
- baby food, spoons, bowl with lid
- lots of amusements

Got questions? or to make a reservation please call: Clara at 602-369-8582 or email:owners@cabinaz.com